Heralds of the Crescent Moon

Session 2 - Heraldry

The Chieftain and the Ogre

Our heroes fought their way through numerous foes and many devilish traps in the Tomb of the Fallen Chieftain. In their travels, they came across one of the other teams in distress, badly wounded and cornered by Zombies. Our brave band did not hesitate in assisting and the Zombies were quickly vanquished. The other team was saved, but had to bow out and were disqualified when they called for evacuation.

After some more traps and undead, our heroes made it to the main chamber. There they were confronted by the Fallen Chieftain and his minions. The engaged them and during the struggle, one of the other teams also arrived. Just at that time, however, Noble Hrolf struck down the Chieftain. However, he was not to be defeated, as he was revived by an eerie blue light that came from his sarcophagus. Hrolf tried to lift the lid and place it on top, but it was too heavy. At this point, the other teams used magic and some trickery, and managed to close the lid and lay the Chieftain to rest first.

Disappointed, our group returned to Deepmoor. It was here that Lord Wavecrest announced that they would indeed be the victors for, had they not stopped to aid the other party, they would have certainly finished first. And aiding those in need is what Heraldry is all about.

Each hero underwent this Patron Ceremony, choosing the following gifts:

Hrolf chose Viljalmyr the Ender,a mighty Greatsword

Orin selected The Ascendant Storm, a composite Longbow

Egar now wears the Sagacious Weave, a magical robe

And Taelin was entrusted with the Mantle of Salvation, a mighty Holy Symbol

Once our Heralds got settled in their new apartments within the Keep, they were assigned the task of slaying the Ogre Grel.



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