Heralds of the Crescent Moon

Session 1 - The Tournament of Heralds

The Tournament and the Tomb

Edgar Khazarak,Hrolf,Taelin Hearthmen and Orin Tolmenarda all participated in the Tournament of Heralds at the Stadium Arcanum in Deepmoor. Hrolf was the clear fan favorite, and Orin made it the farthest despite being the lowest seed. He quickly became the underdog favorite, but we eliminated by Brentius. Brentius then went on to win the tournament, becoming a full herald.

At the conclusion of the Tournament, Lord Wavecrest announced he would accept four more heralds, and separated the other combatants into four teams of four. Their goal was to travel to the Tomb of the Fallen Chieftain, which had been infested with kobolds and undead, and put the Undead Chieftan back to rest. The first team to do so would be the winner, and they would become Heralds.

Our intrepid heroes immediately made for the tomb. It was a week and a half journey, but they made good time. They were assigned the south entrance as their starting point. Immediately upon entering, they were beset by a party of kobolds, which they dispatched easily.



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