Tournament of Heralds

“Attention all ye who would be Heroes! The Honorable Luther Wavecrest, Lord of the Deepmoor, is issuing a challenge to all those that would server the realm as a Herald. On the fourth day of April, when the sun reaches it’s height, will start the Tournament of Heralds. All those that wish to participate are welcome, no one will be turned away. The winner of the tournament will bypass Herald Candidacy and become a full Herald! Those that do not win yet distinguish themselves with valor and honor will become eligible to become Herald Candidates (criteria to be determined at a later date). Turnout is expected to be high, so be sure to arrive early in order to sign up. Entry fees are not required, but donations to the People’s Orphanage of Deepmoor will be accepted in lieu. Additionally, makeshift, lodgingswill be provided outside the city walls if neccesary.

Additionally, all those that wish to participate are invited to dine and dance with the High Lord and his family for the Feast of Founding on April 2nd, commemorating thie High Lord’s 30th year as Regent of Deepmoor. Proper dress is required.

All those that wish to attend as spectators will be required to pay a 5 Gold admittance fee.

Come and forge your destiny!”

The tournament has been seeded! View the brackets!

Dragon’s Bracket

Ogres’s Bracket

Tournament of Heralds

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