The Patron Gift

Heralds are ordinary individuals. While they have a greater advantage than most, being educated and groomed for great things, they are ordinary men and women at the core. Before they become Heralds, they often spend years as a Herald Candidate (or simply, Squire) at schools run by the Patrons. Most wash out at these schools, but even those that graduate to become Heralds are just ordinary people.

What makes the Heralds truly exceptional is The Patron Gift. Once they become a full Herald, the Patron bestows upon them a powerful magical artifact, attuned to each unique Herald. The Herald chooses the form that their gift comes in. Some go the obvious route, and choose things like Swords or Staves. Some get pieces of Armor, a Shield or a Helmet. Some choose subtle items, such as Rings or Pendants.

Each Patron has what is known as a Patron’s Forge, where the items are created by the Patron’s Mastersmith. The Gifts start out as mundane items, with a few abilities, but grow along with the Herald. As each Gift is attuned to each Herald, others can not make full use of the object. If a Herald with a mighty sword were to become separated from it (a great humiliation), whoever picked it up could not perform the same feats as the Herald.

These gifts have their own names, and are often just as famous as the Heralds themselves. A Herald is Synonymous with his Gift. “Behold! There goes Selthar, wielder of Fang, Herald of Anthellion, Lord of the Horselands of Endmarch!’

The Patron Gift

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