The Inquisition

During the Great War, morale of Four Kingdoms was at an all time low. Conscription was a way of life, every able bodied man was serving the High King. Rationing of food and metals was strict, the economy all but non-existent and life was hard. With little resources available at home (other than the Homeguard), an organization was required to police the citizenry and prevent revolt. Enter the Inquisition. A secret police force, sanctioned by the Council of Kings, enabled with near absolute power. They could remove citizens anywhere, at any time, for disruptive or revolutionary behavior. Usually these individuals were taken down the Trail of Tears through the Falathorn Forest, to the Hall of Inquisition, most never to be seen again. Punishable offenses could be anything from political dissidence to refusing an order of conscription.

No one was safe from the Inquisition. Though rare, they even arrested members of the Military and even a few Knights Centurion. Only the Church seemed immune to their influence, and no recorded arrest involved members of the Clergy.

Inquisitioners were rumored to have fantasic powers, rivaling those of a wizard. Lighting from their hands, the ability to immobilize individuals, etc. These are widely believed to be falsehoods and stories, as it seems contradictory to the purpose for which they were created. No one refuted these stories, however, as it added to their myth and fear factor.

No one knows who the Inquisitioners are. They wore fearsome masks, and were identified by a ranking system only. Inquisitioner A01 was empowered with forming the Inquisition, and he recruited his own force. Only the Council of Kings knows the Identity of Inquisitioner A01. Inquisitioner A01 knows the identity of all Inquisitioners of the A grade and all 01s of the other grades (rumored to be only B and C). Only the 01s of the other grades knew the identity of those within the same graded (so B01 knows all of the B’s, but no one else. A01 knows who B01 is, but no other grade B Inquistioners). It was a complicated system, one which worked autonomously, and that was just fine by the Council.

It’s purpose fulfilled and complete, The Inquisition was officially dissolved by High King Lonith X shortly before his death in 6 PW.

The Inquisition

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