The Conclave of Wizards

The Conclave is the ruling body over all who practice arcane magics. In order to do so, you must be a member of the Conclave. Even the Council of Kings has recognized this sovereignty, and will allow Conclave Agents a wide berth while pursuing rogue mages in their realm. The Conclave is made up of various Schools, each with their own specialty. There are:

War Wizards – (mistakenly believed to be the only kind) Those specialized in summoning and spells with direct combat implications.

Shadow Wizards – Specializing in magics with indirect effects. Light manipulation, distraction, sensory perception and illusions fall under their domain.

Shift Wizards – Those who can change their physical shapes and the shapes of other or objects.

Wind Wizards – Specializing in all magics related to transportation, especially flying and teleportation.

Mind Wizards – Specializing in magics used to enhance learning. Augaries and divinations.

Elemental Wizards – Those skilled in dealing with a single particular element. While these can sometimes overlap with the other Schools, if their powers are restricted to one element, they are grouped here.

Each school has one elder Wizards on the Conclave, and they rule with one voice. Little is still generally known about Avkenda, as many don’t travel there. Even the Merchants go just over the border to sell their wares, and most Wizards bring trade into the four Kingdoms.

Every person wielding arcane magics is required to join the Conclave. Those who do not do so are considered Rogues, and the Conclave will send out elite groups to track these people down. As Arcane magic is powerful and dangerous (if misused), the Rogue is given only one chance. He must either renounce magic entirely or join the Conclave. If he defies both of these options, the law within the Conclave states the Rogue must be killed. It is a harsh system, but it is generally agreed upon that it keeps the Wizard population in check, and helps ensure that another war will not happen.

The Conclave of Wizards

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