The Church

The Church has the largest reach of all of the Pillars. Just about every person is effected or influenced by religion. The Churches Clerics practice Divine magics, and the do so on behalf of anyone who needs it. Healing, curing disease and raising the dead are not uncommon. Most people have a favorable opinion of the Church and it’s clerics, with the exception of the Society. They view the Church, at best, as enabling moochers or, at worst, being looters. Still, they do deal with the church and make use of the Church’s services, but always make sure to pay compensation.

The Church maintains a small private army, the Knights Archon. The Archons are an elite fighting force, wielding mace and shield in combat, wearing fierce body paint (and no armor). They are a proud group of religious fanatics, not entirely right in the head but totally dedicated to their cause beyond question. The Knights Archon have never been defeated in battle, and were most recently used to put down the Heretical Revolt of 22 PW. The Knights rarely see action, usually the mere threat alone (which is also rarely used) is enough to solve the problem. Some within the Warrior government believe if the Archons were released for service in the Great War, the Wizards would have been routed. So there is some resentment towards the Church over this. The Knights Archon can wield powerful battle magics in addition to their physical prowess.

With the exception of the Knights Archon, Clerics must swear an oath of non-violence. Resorting to violence can lead to expulsion from the Church. Only in cases where the Cleric himself or those in his charge is threatened is violence permissible, but the Cleric is still expected to make other efforts first.

The Clergy is split up into distinct Castes, which regulate areas of specialty in regards to the Divine, similar to the Conclave’s School hierarchy. Unlike the Conclave, there are no restrictions in Divine magics that can be used, they just tend to group their specialties for collaborative efforts.

Champion Caste – Primarily the Knights Archon, but there are some administrative Clergy in this Case as well. In times of War, this Caste handles all administration for the Churches interaction (or lack thereof) with the combatants. Champions tend to practice magics pertaining to combat; buffs and debuffs, as well as minor first aid and triage magics.

Healer Caste – As the name implies, these Clerics focus their efforts on healing the sick and injured, curing disease, and raising the dead. They are the most fanatical of the Clergy in regards to the non-violence policy, as their work is in direct contrast.

Divine Caste – The highest ranking members of the Church belong to this Caste. All administrative Clerics belong here, including the Church’s leadership. Their magics focus on direct communication with god, in the form of Divination magics. They are considered some of the wisest and most knowledge people alive. Most of their time is dedicated to study and preaching.

Black Caste – Not a true caste, per se, but this is how Clerics refer to those who have ‘fallen from the light; any Clerics who would pervert the word of God for twisted and evil purposes. The worst of these crimes is raising the dead in a permanent form of undeath (Necromancy). Members of the Black Caste are mostly just myth and legend, as there is no recorded case of Necromancy on file, and is rumored to have been stamped out hundreds of years ago.

The Church

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