While much is still unknown about the Wizarding world, it is widely known that Wizards are constantly trying to expand their understanding of magic and their knowledge of the arcane. This makes most wizards quite ambitious in their craft. They are always looking for new ways to increase their power. This ambition is kept in check, for the most part, by the Conclave.

However, in 27 PW, a Mind Wizard by the name of Penthar Tel discovered a method where he could make himself one with the magic. He could turn himself into the actual essence of magic, the fundamental power source all Wizards tap into to perform their Arcane feats. He was now the magic instead of it’s conduit. Penthar believed this was the ultimate apex of magical evolution.

At first his discovery was heralded as an amazing success, the next state of consciousness. However, it was quickly discovered that there was a steep price for this new state of life. The first being is that it was permanent. While Penthar had no intention of reverting back to his ‘primitive’ state, he also found that he could not do so if he tried. It also began to eat away at his mind, slowly driving him insane. Additionally, as he was now made up of arcane energy, each time he used that energy, he was diminished. Continuing to do so would kill him.

In 28 PW, the Conclave outlawed the ‘Tel Ritual’ and attempted to confine all those who already underwent this conversion. This resulted in a very violent, but very brief civil war. It was over before most in the four Kingdoms knew it happened. The Conclave prevailed in part due to superior numbers and also because, while the converted could wield powerful magic, it almost always killed them after prolonged use.

Those who did not die, including Penthar himself, fled into self imposed exile.

Nomads are incredibly powerful, far more so than a Conclave Wizard, as they tap directly into their own life essence (the magic). Their damage spells do more damage, their transportation spells transport them farther and faster. Visually, they are humanoid beings of intense light, typically tinted blue. They feel no pain and do not seem like they can be injured, though those that are attacked seem to diminish faster.

Each spell cast by a Nomad diminishes his own life energy, until eventually his last spell kills him, diminishing him entirely. They loose cohesion with their physical forms, and just fade away. This is a form of permanent death. Nomads can not be raised.

A Nomads blood and and organs are replaced by energy. They do not require food or sleep. But the stress of such power has terrible effects on the mind, and they can sometimes loose control.

As a shorter life span is a given, and using their newfound power kills them, Nomads are very rare. They can not be healed by conventional methods, nor to they regenerate over time. So once they diminish themselves, it is sapping their finite resources. The only way for a Nomad to increase his life energy is to be present when another Nomad dies. There is a chance he will absorb some of the fallen’s energy. However, the amount absorbed is proportional, and it will never return then to their highest levels.

This tends to make Nomads predatory upon themselves. Those truly power hungry will hunt down other Nomads to try and take their energy. This is counter productive, for a Nomad must diminish himself in order to kill the other. Such a steep price for power keeps the Nomad population in check, there are never very many alive at one time. Being a Nomad carries a death sentence from the Conclave. As the transformation is irreversible, Nomads are to be attacked on sight.


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