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Other Races

The Four Kingoms and Avkenda are Human nations, but within the world exists other races, far older than Humanity. Elves and Dwarves are rarely seen outside their homelands. The Elves live in their huge walled cities far to the north of the Four Kingdoms. The Dwarves live on their own continent far to the northeast, across the Tranquil Sea. There are also myths about a race called Halflings, but no one has ever seen one.

Additionally, within the Four Kingdoms, there are tribes of people that live outside of civilization, such as the Northmen. These barbarian tribes mostly keep to themselves, and their relationship with the Four Kingdoms is often frosty at best.


Patronage is the defining process of the Age. It said that while the pillars are the foundation of society, Patronage is what makes it Social. The Patronage system enables people to be free, keeps crime down, and ensures the general safety for all of Humanity, regardless of which Pillar you call yours.

Patronage as a Concept

The Patron Gift

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