The Dwarves are a resourceful people. Excellent miners and Master Craftsmen. Their wares are always of the best quality. The Dwarves life in a massive underground city on a continent far across the Tranquil Sea. Dwarves hate the water, and do not like sailing. They built a huge network of gigantic underground caverns, called Zigilunds, that connect each major continent. The Fortress of Mithrilend (in the four Kingdoms) is built on top of one of the Zigilund entrances, and that is how the Dwarves enter the Kingdoms.

The Zigilunds are vast transportation networks, with numerous cities dotted over their course. These are mainly trading outpopsts, but may Dwarves make their homes here. The buildings are carved directly out of the bedrock. Humans are allowed into the Zigilund, but due to the size of them, the time required to get back to the Dwarf homeland is immense. Up to a year. Most people don’t like being underground that long, but many will enter and go up to the first Zigilund city, Spelu-und.

The Dwarves are a furiously industrious people. A Dwarven factory or smithy can produce three times as many goods as a human one, and often of much better quality. Their process is a marvel in it’s own right. No one knows how they do it, but they are glad to receive the goods produced.

While not exactly common in the four Kingdoms, it is not unusual to see a Dwarf. Some have even set up permanent shop to sell their goods, and some are even members of The Society.


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