Taelin Hearthmen

Taelin Hearthmen, Entrusted with the Mantle of Salvation, Herald of Luthor Wavecrest, Lord of Deepmoor


Height (5’10”), Weight (170lbs), Eyes (Green), Hair (Black), Skin (Light), Age (24)

Hit Points (12), Initiative (+0)

Base Cleric Abilities (All Simple Weapons, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Shields, Aura, Channel Energy), Domains (Good, Healing, Protection), Traits (Caretaker, Scared Touch), Feats (Extra Channel, Selective Channeling)

Favored Class Bonuses: Level 1 (+1 Skill Point), Level 2 (+1 Hit Point).

Character Sheet: www.infernalpoly.com/GameGroup/Taelin.doc


Born to a farming family, Taelin’s life changed when his mother became very sick and died when he was only 12 years of age. During this tragic transition, and ever since, he has devoted himself to the ways of the healer and has since joined the Healer Caste of the Church.

Taelin carries himself in a manner one would expect, he walks tall with proper posture and when he speaks, it’s with a soft and inviting voice. With compassion in his heart, he can often be found helping those around town and if no one is in need of medical attention he’s always willing to help with mundane tasks; as long as his clergy duties permit. Members of the Healers Caste are rarely seen in armor, Taelin breaks this ideology and is rarely seen without his set of scale and a solid mace at his side. When one looks closely at the armor, several dins and dents can be seen. The mace on the other hand appears to have never seen combat and looks fresh from the blacksmith; though when asked, he has owned the mace for several years.

Taelin is in his early twenties with shoulder length black hair, but he is often mistaken for being much older. Some believe this is due to the tragedy he has seen over the years, having worked closely with the sick and dying.

Taelin Hearthmen

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