Weilder of Viljalmyr the Ender, Herald of Luther Wavecrest, Lord of the Deepmoor.


Hrolf of Clan Loden has left his homeland of Dre'Dan to venture into the civilized world. His mission is one of diplomacy as Patron Gaius Revaldi has recently asserted control over the lands Clan Loden call home.

Hrolf's father, Agnarr, has sent him to become a Herald and thus show the outside world that his people are not mere savages to be ignored or subjugated. It is rumored that Agnarr has sent Hrolf to met with other Patrons besides Gaius to secure the most beneficial treaty possible.

 As can be expected from someone who grew up in a tribalistic society he has few manners and sticks out like a sore thumb in the civilized world. Apart from the usual gruff mannerisms, he considers arcane magic to be a sin against nature and often gets into "discussions" with wizards.

Visually he is quite tall and lighter skinned that most other humans, but he is still human. He wears simple armor and clothing made of animal skins/fur but is particularly proud of his matching bear head pauldrons. He would be happy to tell you how he got them. He also carries a large sword across his back which is named "Viljalmyr the Ender". This sword also has a long tale which he would be glad to boast about if given the chance.


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