It is the year 148 AW, 150 years after the Trials of God. The Warrior Nations of the Council of Kings have made peace with the Wizards of Avkenda and it’s ruling Conclave after their long and bloody war. 148 years of coexistence has brought prosperity to both nations through collaboration and trade, but the old prejudices remain. Wizards are viewed with scorn and distrust, that their magics are an affront to God. The common folk respect them, but only out of fear. The Warriors are viewed as uneducated simpletons by the Conclave, ignorant to the ways of the true world. But despite this inherent and hidden bigotry, mankind has prospered. It is a new age for humanity.

It is the Age of the Patron, and their Heralds. The Patrons, powerful and wealthy Lords in their own right, employ Heralds regardless of bigotry and prejudice. This is the key to their prosperity. With the Heralds defending the interests of humanity, and it’s people, there is the promise of great things to come.

The Tournament of Heralds has been announced, and is set to commence. How will this shape the future?

Heralds of the Crescent Moon

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